About Us

We live in the age of opportunity.

Never before have we had so many opportunities at our fingertips.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone has the opportunity to create their own online platform that generates passive income each month.

Despite this, many people live oblivious to this, settling for a lifestyle imposed by society, working for endless hours in jobs they hate and with salaries that leave much to be desired.

 Do you really want to live more than 40 years of your life in an office, doing something that is not your passion and just enjoying free time on weekends and one month a year?

Living on Passive Income is born to make you see that you can really live the life you dream of.

There is another way to earn a living and it is not that you win the lottery:

-You don’t have to spend most of the day working for a boss who doesn’t value you.

-You DO NOT have to work in a job you hate.

-You do not have to sacrifice most of your life to be able to enjoy in the very distant future.

Today you have the possibility of generating a source of income that allows you to live as you want